I just made a public profile. I hope I don't get famous. But I do. But I don't.

Shoot. Jesus. I'm famous, huh?

Yeah. Well. Fame can't ruin me. Everybody will know who I am soon enough, because everyone who is anyone is family.

At any rate, fame is Jesus'. He started this whole thing, He's the ringmaster. And everything corruptible in me is dead on the cross. I'm not afraid of fame.

I wouldn't mind everyone seeing what's going on here though. Jesus, you're doing some great work. I won't be afraid to be earnest and sincere, even though that isn't very chic these days. I won't say whatever. I'm going to be...honest. I would love for every one to see this, see me, because I want to love more people and I want to be loved by more people. I won't be self-depreciating because it is hip. God said that when we love each other it is the full expression of Him, so I'm down for people to love me and I'm down to love others. More God!

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