Praise. Pure and simple. By choice. By compulsion. By existing.

Thank you Jesus, for giving me the proof in deed that the world is redeemed, and the hand of your Father reaches throughout.

Let there be no darkness in me, no thought of impurity. Let me not consider the evil deceptions of this world, and devote my mind to the contemplation of your perfect truth that consumes all.

Let me not waste time trying to understand the problem when you have already solved it.

Let me loose wildly indiscriminate strokes of love, full of passion like a child. Let me be consumed by the needs of the world around me to be renewed in your infinite power. Let my desire to spread the light of the truth crash like waves on the landscape, being broken only to come again with another swell of love.

I have fallen apart so many times, and you have raised me from the ashes every time. Every time.

The flow of this story is being narrowed and refined, as the scope broadens. The possibilities of my life flood the plain as the dry patches of doubt and barren fields of fear are squelched.

The model, the metaphor is the only thing adequate to encompass the undefined truth of the promises you have given me. Yet with my blind eye I see the future, I feel its warm outline in the ever lengthening rays of events passed. The past creates an image of the future, and the beginning belies the end. I Am.

I am, too. I am. I am. In. I Am.

Like riding on the tail of a comet, I follow I Am into being, into all, always.

I wonder if, since it started when He started it, I have always been a part of it. He crafted me in my mother's womb, a statement of the past, for every being to ever hear it. He died for me while yet a sinner. Past. He lives in me now. Present, always, even when the present was the past, and so shall it be in the future, as he promised. The promise: Eternity. The future, which is a present yet to be. Are we eternal even now? When time stops and the movement of the universe comes to an end, will we cease to quiver with joy?

So we are. The Kingdom of Heaven is near. The time for those who believe to experience the joy of salvation is now, for it is finished, perhaps even as it started.

I will go now to my home. I will lay in my bed. Perhaps another night will pass, and another sunrise will occur. Even so, I will sing in Heaven this very moment. I am here. The future is simply the glory of God, as yet to be revealed, but fully revealed from the beginning.

Yet, I still hear my own heart whispering with an uncontainable grin,"I can't wait."

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