I am in love because I look and see that I am loved.

I am holy because I look and I see holiness.

I read the book "Alive" some time ago and it moved me. Something about the story gripped me so tightly, and stuck in my heart.

I believe the span of life can be compared to the time that the survivors on the mountainside heard the helicopters in the distance. It seems like such a short moment between the time that they first saw signs of their rescue and the time that they were back in their homes, especially compared to the seemingly eternal 72 days of waning hope. But even as it was such a short moment, it was big enough to encompass all of this life, in the light of who Jesus Christ is.

We have heard the report of our imminent rescue. The way their hearts lifted from the doom of the harsh mountains, even at the sound, is what the Good News is capable of. They were already in their loved ones' arms at the sound; they were already feasting; they were already free from the clutches of death though they still sat in the same dirty fuselage in the Andes that was to be their tomb. All at the sound of rescue. All the force of hope came barrelling down like an avalanche at a single sound.

We are that avalanche waiting to be released by a shiver of sound. Every human heart is prepared by the work of Jesus to come crashing down with the force of the Spirit, all it needs is the triggering of a sound.

The Good News.

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