Love Has No Limit


I can love people and not be compelled to react to hate. I have the power in Christ to love without ceasing. I don't have to judge anyone. I can look for Jesus in every single eye I meet, and love regardless of the reaction or reception.

No one can stop me. No ill-tempered response can deter me. No one can steal the joy of love from me. No matter how hard they abuse me, no matter how hard they hate, I have the ultimate power of the universe residing inside me. Love. Jesus had the spirit of God in him, allowing him to love without fear, and he has given it me.

I can love every one as I love Jesus, because I believe that he has really made peace with the entire world through his own sacrifice for us.

I can look at every person as though I know them, because I know that Christ is in all, whether they believe or not. I can be so bold and so fearless. I trust him. He is that strong.

I can respond to hate with love, real genuine love. Love that searches for a root of good even when there isn't one apparent. Love that really cherishes God in all of his creation, even those who don't yet believe. Even in those that hurt me. It used to seem an enormous sacrifice to love and hate those that would hurt and condemn me. Now it seems mostly selfish because I am only refuse to let them cause me to hate and judge, refusing to let them cause me to hate and judge myself with them. I choose to keep on loving, because loving feels better, even when it hurts.

If they recieve my love when they hate me, then I have a friend! If they refuse then I am avenged, punished by their own pride and inability to recieve grace. I simply cannot lose since God is for me. Love is the ultimate weapon, because it creates unity and drives away those opposed to it to destroy themselves.


It's all because of Jesus.

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Shantel said...

It's magnificent to think about isn't it? Not only does love create unity and drive away those hostile to it, but love is the one and only thing that will last. Everything else can be overcome, and will die off in time, but love cannot be quenched! Blows my mind...