Here is Always

Everybody must read "The Singer" by Calvin Miller. Amazing.

I want to say something as straight forward as possible. God's presence is real and attainable. He makes life livable and all things are brought to submission under the peace he brings with him. Perfection that can't be marred by my failures, and yet still belongs to me. That is a gift.

Jesus is in me. God is in me. I can hear his voice and and sings his love to me, day after day. It sometimes seems too good to be true, but then he comes and sings again, and the doubt washes away and I am swept up in his gentle current of peace.

Sweet One, The Giver of my Life, I take freely, I owe everything to you. Stoke this burgeoning flicker to a blaze, I want to give the world the warmth you have shared. I will wait for your Spirit to move me to show what you have made me, all beautiful and new, full of infinity.

As you are here with me, the waiting is joyful, hardly waiting at all.

Thank you.