Carry Me

My legs are heavy. Steps have become precious. Now more than ever I know you're the life making the body move. I feel you every second. Each labored breath sighs a "please" and a "thank-you".

You told me today that you would never get tired of how needy I am, never get sick of me, never tell me you need a break from me for little while. You told me that I could never want more than you want to give me. You told me you'll never stop holding me, never stop listening to me, never stop talking to me.

You said you want to be with me every second of every day. You said you would never leave me.

Who else can tell me that? Nobody. I believe you because you are God.

I love you because you put the spirit of love inside me, your Spirit. I can't wait to learn to taste your life when I hunger for lesser things. I have had but a taste, and every delicious taste sheds light on the horizon revealing how much more of you there is to be had. Each time you fill me there grows a greater hunger for you.

To the people who would say this is all fairy-tale and delusion, I say such is life and I choose the happy fairy-tale, for the choice is ours to make.

To my hero of this fairy-tale, I say thank you with all that you given, and I pray that my requests and my praises be one and the same. True love, you are mine and I am yours.

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