The Sun

Hang it all! That blasted orb.

Say it. It is fun.

It comes out, revives me from the ranks of the living dead, then LEAVES. Oh, what I would (will) give for the day when there will be no more darkness. Heaven seemed like a such an exorbitant fantasy a week ago, but now I feel its pull, its weight. I discovered how much power light has. Funny, how I used to relish the gloom of Seattle, the sun burning my eyes. But this spring when I felt my heart lift and sing at the arrival of light, the hopelessness of dark was exposed in contrast. How I long for the warmth, the freedom, security of light. The physical characteristics of light are not a far distance from the power of God's love. This spring brought with it an understanding of Jesus being light. I somehow don't think that heaven , in this sense, will be metaphor.

Today I pined for my heavenly home, when I will no longer wonder how long the sun will shine before I'm plunged back into the dark. Not too long now, and I'll bask in his eternal light.

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