What am I doing?

Never had much respect for bloggers and the trend as a whole because I always felt that it was usually something people did for a shot at small time fame, or at least have someone be intently tuning into their show. My hypothesis hasn't changed; in fact it has been reinforced because that is exactly why I'm doing this. Shamelessly, I might add.

I'm ecstatic that the tab key doesn't jump my cursor into the netherworlds beyond the text field, and actually performs it's original function. Oh, the joy. The blog. I fear I'm taking it a bit too seriously but at least I care about something for once. Here is the plan. I'm going to write this with entire honesty and divulgence but tell no one that know about this blog. I'm going to see if i can find someone who wants to listen to my ramble just because they want to. No self promotion. I don't even know if this will find anyone without a little kickstart. Maybe i'll embed a photo of something that gets searched for alot on google or something and pitch my little outpost in that way. OH i know. I'll embed a photo of something relatively obscure that may attract a certain person...a person searching for that certain picture who by odds must be relatively honed on my kind of brain waves, to want to find what brought them here. this is either brilliant or entirely unfounded.

I will end with a confession. I rely almost everyday on dictionary.com to reassure me when I use any words from my sordid vocabulary in a letter. I associate words by feeling i guess you might say, and it makes me slightly uncomfortable to drop certain words in a letter or anything without double checking to see if i'm using it correctly. Surprisingly i find that most of the time i'm close enough to be using a word. The fact remains that i pump up my vocab with the old pocket dictionary. (.com) The facade I pitch sometimes ought to disgust me but somehow I can sleep at night. I've heard it said before that the best liars believe their lies. Hmmm... guess i'm going to go to bed now.

P.S. I decided on two pics. Golden the Pony Boy is the first one, and second would be a clip from a the video for "Coffee and TV" by Blur. I hope this works. tragic.

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